Monday, March 19, 2007

4.0 and some change

Ok so yesterday I walked 4.00 and then some miles on the threadmill. I am super proud of myself. yippie....but i had to stop b/c i over worked myself. so today back to 3.0 miles =) Anywhooo....I ate super good yesterday. Im going to walk tonight! yippie!

Note: I killed my Direct TV box because I spilled some eye makeup remover on it and it is oil based! gurrr!

I took the day off from the gym yesterday, but today I shall go to take the stress off a sista! Gurrr!!! Ok today I am on a mission to take some pounds off, except i am not going to kill myself like i almost did on sunday....gurrr!!! ok peace out Yo!

P.S.S - My brother bought me a cake and some ice cream is my weakness! gurrr!!!

1 comment:

Desiree said...

what about ice cream cake? what does that do for you??
I LOVE it. I hope my mom gets me one of those. she seems to think i like oreo cakes, and I dont, but thats what i get every year! lol